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The Steward by fadohacolu The Steward :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 2 2 Dot, dot, dot by fadohacolu Dot, dot, dot :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 3 7 Broken by fadohacolu Broken :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 6 17 Fade to White by fadohacolu Fade to White :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 13
You don't deserve your life
As if you were a parasite, a sickness in your mother's womb
You're placed piece by piece into the plastic bag that is your tomb
Your blood is splashed all over, between your mother's thighs
No one will feel your pain; no one will hear your cries
How could be so selfish, to put your mother through forty weeks?
Your life is forfeit for your crime, and so over the table your blood leaks
Don't let it trouble you child, for they shall mop you up with a rag
And it will be placed with the rest of you, in your coffin, in your bag
This bit of cloth will be the only thing to cover your mangled form
No blanket for this small child because she will ever remain unborn
The only love you ever knew was the cold steel of the doctor's knife
But that's alright, we've made it clear: You don't deserve your life.
:iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 8
Nymph by fadohacolu Nymph :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 2 5 Redoran by fadohacolu Redoran :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 2 1 Bloodshot by fadohacolu Bloodshot :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 4 Deviant ID by fadohacolu Deviant ID :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 0 7 Morning smoke by fadohacolu Morning smoke :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 5 Coffee Break by fadohacolu Coffee Break :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 2
Hell Below p1 of 2
The tiny boat cruised gently along with the flow of the murky river, occasionally bumping into floating debris. The moon was bright enough to make navigation relatively easy, and Ben had little trouble guiding it down the silent waterway. For the first time in a long time, Ben was completely safe, far from either shore and heading towards safety and salvation, no zombies would stop him.
   After shoving a rotting log out of the boat's way, Ben decided it was a good opportunity to get some peaceful sleep. He set his oar, what really was an old plank torn from a wooden fence, into the boat and lay down beside it, covering himself with his only blanket, a worn out tarp. Laying his head on his arm, he closed his eyes and quickly surrendered to sleep, rocked gently by the boat.
   A few hours later he was awoken by a huge jolt which shook his tiny vessel. He sat up and threw his tarp off, looking around in alarm. To his great relief he had only gotten caught in
:iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 4
Pheasant - Happy Spring by fadohacolu Pheasant - Happy Spring :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 3 7 Game Screens by fadohacolu Game Screens :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 4 Decay by fadohacolu Decay :iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 1 7
My Last Zombie
   Looking out between the splintering wood boards that made up the feeble barricade over the window, I could see the slow, shuffling mass make its way towards me. In the gloom of the starless night, I couldn't make out individual bodies among the seething mass of putrid corpses shambling towards my tiny fortress. I gripped my shotgun tighter, hands beginning to sweat, and pumped it once to chamber a slug. I watched my as doom approached agonizingly slowly in the form of the animated dead. They were about thirty yards away now, and I was unfortunate enough to be downwind. The soft breeze carried a with it stench that felt like toxin to my lungs. Coughing after my first breath, I stood back from the window, and slumped against the opposite wall, despair slowly taking a hold of me.
   Unwillingly, my head turned towards peeling drywall to my left, it was covered with crude etches and figures. Tallies marked forty days gone by, and seven names were written be
:iconfadohacolu:fadohacolu 3 14




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arswiss Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
DA wouldn't let me comment on the actual post, and I really want to say it so I'll post it here.

What you said on yuumei's hour glass global warming picture is totally true. It's a messed up society we live in. Thanks for actually having common sense. :)
fadohacolu Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
Ah thanks! When I read the first part of your message, I was like "Ah great, hate mail!" It's good to know that I'm not the only one with that opinion. ;)
arswiss Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
no hating over here! :)
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